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Kristin on the ABC TV sitcom “The Middle”, its supposed to be airing on Feb 16.

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ABC’s three sophomore comedies will all become juniors — the network has renewed “The Middle,” “Modern Family” and “Cougar Town” for third seasons in 2011-12.

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admin on May 13th, 2010

Generating its Biggest Audience in 3 Months, ABC’s Self-Starter “The Middle” Wins its Time Slot for its 4th Straight Original Telecast.

Hitting a Series High Opposite “Idol,” ABC’s “Modern Family” is Wednesday’s No. 1 Scripted TV Show for its 11th Straight Original Telecast in Adults 18-49.

Growing Week to Week, “Cougar Town” Ranks as the No. 1 Scripted Show Against its Network Rivals in Adults 18-34 for its 6th Straight First-Run Airing.

Surging over its lead-in by 1.8 million viewers and by 50% with young adults at 8:30 p.m., self-starter “The Middle” was the No. 1 show its half-hour for its 4th straight original telecast in Total Viewers (7.5 million) and Adults 18-49 (2.4/7-tie). In fact among Adults 18-49, it finished as the highest-rated scripted show in its half-hour for the 6th time in its last 7 first-run airings. The ABC freshman comedy also delivered the No. 1 position in the half-hour with Adults 25-54, Men 18-49 and Men 25-54.

“The Middle” drew its biggest overall audience in 3 months and equaled its top Adult 18-49 number since March – since 2/10 and 3/24/10, respectively.

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TV has always had a soft spot for geeks and oddballs, and critics zeroed in on the actor and role when “The Middle” made its debut in September. “Atticus Shaffer is the breakout,” Joanne Ostrow of The Denver Post wrote last August. “The kiddo is hilarious.” But the gushing has grown so loud — “Just Love That Little Brick on ‘The Middle,’ ” read a Miami Herald headline in March — that the show’s writers appear to have started building episodes more squarely around that character. To help hype its season finale on May 19, “The Middle” landed Ms. White. Guess who all of her scenes are with?

“People just like Brick because he follows the beat of his own drummer,” Atticus said. “He’s different, and he’s quirky, and people seem to think that’s adorable. Trust me because I know. It’s my life.”

Brick, right down to the whisper, is based on the son of Eileen Heisler, who created “The Middle” with DeAnn Heline. (The two women, whose credits include “Murphy Brown” and “How I Met Your Mother,” have been writing partners since meeting in college.) “The funniest things come from reality,” Ms. Heisler said.

“All I know,” Atticus said, “is that I feel extremely blessed to be on TV. It’s a hard job, but real life is harder. Truth be told, playgrounds can be war zones.”

Read the full story on LA Times

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White at the premiere for The Proposal in June...
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ABC’s The Middle is about to wrap up its season, and they will have acting icon Betty White in their season finale. The cast and creators of the show say they were thrilled to work with such a legend.

The Middle follows the Heck family as they struggle with life in the Midwest. Brick is the youngest, and then there is Sue the middle child played by Eden Sher and their sibling Axl played by Charlie McDermott. These crazy kids cause all types of problems and who better to solve them than their parents? Patricia Heaton plays supermom Frankie Heck and Neil Flynn plays her husband Mike Heck.

Patricia told On The Red Carpet that she loves working with the cast but pointed out Eden as the one to watch.

“I predict that she will be the first Emmy winner of our show,” said Patricia.

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admin on May 5th, 2010 has an interview with Patricia Heaton from The Middle; Here are the highlights:

How has your relationship with The Middle’s child actors changed over the course of the show’s first season?
It’s so interesting when you start a show. You’re supposed to be playing a family and nobody knows each other. Even hugging each other is weird! They’ve been terrific since the beginning, but it’s great to have gotten to know them over the course of 20-some episodes. And I’ve seen everybody grow as actors as their characters expand, [and] as the writers find more for them to do. They’re just so up-to-the-challenge, and it’s really fun for actors to see where characters go and what their relationships are. Because when you start something, you don’t know anything about them other than that one script you have.

What can we expect from upcoming seasons?
I’m not sure if this is going to happen, but at my house this year, we had a foreign exchange student stay with us for ten days, and I kept going into work and talking about it and how awkward it was. [laughs] And we were joking about what a foreigner would think of the Heck family. So there’s a good chance that the Heck family might be hosting a foreign exchange student next year.

That would be really fun, especially in a Midwestern setting.
It’s funny because my producer was saying, “Wait a minute, [your foreign exchange student] is going to think every American kid has a mom on television and a swimming pool and this glamorous life. He’s going to go back with a completely skewed view of America!”

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admin on May 1st, 2010

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admin on April 26th, 2010

One might say that G. Charles Wright has spent his whole life preparing for a job in casting. “All my childhood was spent in front of a television instead of playing outdoors or doing homework,” he says with a chuckle. He currently works on the hit TV show “The Middle,” starring Patricia Heaton and Neil Flynn, and teaches a popular auditioning class in Los Angeles. Other credits include “That ’70s Show,” PBS’s “Sid the Science Kid,” and numerous pilots and Web shows.

The hardest role we had to cast on “The Middle” was Sue, the daughter, and that had to do with the fact that “The Middle” was a pilot that had already been shot two years before with a different cast. It didn’t quite come together as ABC had wanted it to, but they really liked the story. It was a situation where the writers kept thinking about the girl they had from the first pilot, and it was hard for them to get her out of their heads. Eden Sher came in and pre-read for me. She was one of the very first girls we saw for the role. Brought her to producers and she went through that process, but at that time, I think the producers still had in their minds the performance from the previous actress, so they kind of dismissed everybody. I ended up bringing Eden back in again at the end. By that time, they had seen so many actresses for the part, they really started to look at her with new eyes. Eden was the only actress who came in and played that character with exuberance and zeal. Everybody else played her more goth, kind of down and mopey. Eden makes you remember and root for a character that nobody ever roots for.

Read the full story on Backstage

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Eden Sher is quickly making a name for herself, with her standout performance as the nerdy and awkward middle child, Sue Heck, on the hit show The Middle, airing Wednesdays on ABC.

Radar Magazine has an interview with Eden. Here are some of the highlights:

“I wear jeans and t-shirt every day so I am in desperate need of some sort of a fashion identity,” Eden confesses to Viviana before they start browsing the expansive store filled with luxe threads from decades past, including colorful t-shirts, hippie print dresses, beaded and embellished red carpet dresses, vintage Chanel jewelry and acid washed jeans.

Watch the video here.

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admin on April 15th, 2010
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Growing Over its Most-Recent Original, ABC’s “The Middle” Finishes No. 1 at 8:30pm in Adults 18-49, Beating Fox’s Finale of “Human Target”

“The Middle” (8:30-9:00 p.m.)

Surging from its lead-in by 38% at 8:30 p.m., ABC’s “The Middle” won its half-hour among Adults 18-49 (2.2/7), beating competition including the second half-hour of Fox’s season finale of “Human Target” (2.1/7). ABC freshman “The Middle” also beat out its comedy competition in the slot, defeating CBS’ freshman “Accidentally On Purpose” by 16% (1.9/6). In fact among young Adults, the ABC freshman comedy has been the highest-rated scripted show in its half-hour on 3 of its last 4 original telecasts.

· “The Middle” was up from its most recent original telecast by 8% in Total Viewers (6.7 million vs. 6.2 million) and by 10% in Adults 18-49 (2.2/7 vs. 2.0/6).

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